17 May

Cool off with delicious Hiyashi Chuka


When it is summertime in Japan, everyone is looking for ways to chill out and relax with good food and great company.

In Japan, one of the main signs that summer officially begin when restaurants show a sign saying “we start to serve HIyashi Chuka” Terakawa Ramen brings summer to New York by offering Hiyashi Chuka. This is a favorite dish from Japan and it’s a top choice for cold noodle ramen fix.

Hiyashi Chuka is a unique dish of chilled ramen with flavored dressing. It is topped with fish cake, bamboo shoot, egg, tomato, cucumber, salad and chicken. It’s an amazing choice for lunch or dinner because the crunchy toppings of different vegetables offer a great and tasty contrast with the cold noodles. Terakawa Ramen serves one of the most sought after cold-noodle dishes in New York City.


It’s a carnival of cold ramen. Terakawa Ramen also offers Hiyashi Bibimbap which is Korean style cold noodle. It is spicy noodle with dressing and topped with kimchee, egg, cucumber, bamboo shoot, corn, saled and chicken. Also the popular Tantan ramen is part of their menu which is cold style noodle with tomato, scallion, bean sprout and ground pork.