terawaka_front_smallAmong the ramen brands of RAMEN USA INC the Terakawa Ramen, which supplies the authentic style Kumamoto Ramen has over the years grown to become our main brand. The soup being very concentrated, was created with 14 slow hours of dedicated time and effort to cook and was combined with a unique blending method for Terakawa Ramen. Moreover, it is also concentrated in the aspect of being “hand made” with absolutely no instant products being used, and while using flour made from Japanese, the noodles were created from grounding into flour to also being formed by hand. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every strand of the noodles is filled with soul. Challenging ourselves to share the genuine flavor of Japanese Ramen unaltered and directly to the people of the American people, this is truly a ground-breaking ramen brand for the US.